Blick auf den Weißen Turm im Winter

Sights and attractions in Biberach

Biberach an der Riß is a picturesque small town in the south of Germany situated along the gorgeous Upper Swabian baroque trail (“Barockstraße”). Since the Middle Ages, the famous Way of St. James goes through the town following its route to Santiago de Compostela. Biberach has many historic timber-framed houses in the town center and the old and historic market place belongs to one of the nicest ones in South Germany. 
Marktplatz 7/1
D 88400 Biberach an der Riß

Excursion tips in Biberach

  • White Tower in Biberach
    Blick auf den Weißen Turm im Winter
    Finished in 1484, the White Tower was built as a typical guard and defense tower. The tower is 41 meters high with a diameter of 10 meters and 2.5 meter thick walls. In the 19th century the tower was used as a prison. Today, the Scouts of St. Georg use the tower as their clubhouse.
  • “The Donkey’s Shadow” monument
    Esel auf dem Marktplatz in Biberach
    The controversial sculpture in Biberach was made by the German artist Peter Lenk. The monument is based on a 1774 story by Christoph Martin Wieland set in ancient Abdera (die Abderiten). The plot arises around the questions “Who owns the donkey’s shadow”. A dentist hired a donkey with its owner to bring him to the next town. Because it was a hot day, the dentist needed some rest in the shade. The only shade that could be found was the donkey’s shade. However, the donkey’s shade was not enough for both men. The dentist insisted on sitting in the shade because he paid for the donkey. The owner however said that the shade belonged to him because the dentist only paid for the donkey and not for its shade. A quarrel arises and they return to Abdera to settle the question before court. The trail soon attracts the citizens of Abdera and splits them in half. The entire story ends with the people of Abdera venting their anger on the poor donkey and tearing him into pieces. 
  • Parish Church St. Martin
    Blick ins Kircheninnere in Biberach
    The church St. Martinus and Maria, known as Church St. Martin, is a Parish Church in Biberach an der Riß along the Upper Swabian baroque trail (“Barockstraße”). The ecumenical church is used by both Catholics and Protestants. Situated in the heart of Biberach, the church is the oldest and biggest church in Biberach. The church was built around 1100 and was later replaced by a gothic basilica. The interior of the church was modified and baroque elements added in the middle of the 18th century. 
  • Weberberg
    Häusergasse in Biberach
    Biberach used to be a former Guilds settlement of weavers with many old timbered houses. Weavers were the most significant trade in Biberach and in 1500 around 400 spinning wheels were at work. Today, the Weberberg is the oldest town district and an attraction not to be missed with its beautiful historic buildings.
  • Wieland Museum and Wieland Park
    Blick auf den Teich in Biberach
    The Wieland museum in the historic Wieland Garden House was opened in 2009 in remembrance of the famous writer, poet, and publisher Christoph Martin Wieland who was born in Holzheim, Biberach in 1733 and who died in Weimar in 1813. Wieland was one of the most famous and influential German writers of the Enlightenment. The exhibition shows some of his famous works and explores the life of the writer. The museum is situated in the Wieland-Park which was created by the architect Hans Dieter Schaal. 
  • Braith-Mali Museum
    Blick von oben im Museum in Biberach
    The Braith-Mali Museum is a modern exhibition center divided into the sections natural history, archeology, history and art. The museum explores the Upper Swabian countryside using interactive models, animations, videos and stations of activities. Moreover, the museum shows famous Swabian art including works of the famous expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. In addition, the museum exhibits the historic studios of the painters Anton Braith and Christian Mali which symbolize the only fully intact studios of the 19th century.
  • Biberacher Schützenfest
    Umzug in Biberach - Schützenfest
    The “Biberacher Schützenfest” is a historic town festival for children and adults. The annual festival takes place around July and lasts for nine days. It includes many attractions and events including street parades, historical performances, children’s theater, music, beer tents with life-music, and a fairground with street-food, bars and fairground rides. It is the highlight of the year for Biberach’s citizens.

Sights and attractions around Biberach

  • Pilgrimage Church St. Peter and Paul in Steinhausen
    Innenansicht der Kirche in Steinhausen
    Situated in Steinhausen, Bad Schussenried, the picturesque baroque church was built between 1728 and 1733. The masterpiece was designed and built by the German Rococo architect and stuccoist Dominikus Zimmermann. Today, the church is a main tourist attraction in the South of Germany and often referred to as the “world’s most beautiful village church”.
  • Ulm
    Flussufer in Ulm abends beleuchtet
    Situated on the River Danube, Ulm is a nice city in the South of Germany and about 45 kilometers away from Biberach. The university city is known for its gothic minster with the world’s highest church steeple (161,53 meters). The “Fischerviertel” (fishermen’s quarter) is one of the oldest districts in the city with beautiful half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and gorgeous footbridges. Do not miss the “Schiefe Haus”, a 14th century crooked house in the “Fischerviertel”. Other attractions are the historic town hall, Weishaupt’s Gallery of Art in Ulm’s “Neue Mitte”, or a walk along the River Danube.
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